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CodeClub is worldwide network of free afterschool coding clubs. Have fun learning to make your own websites, games and animations at our free, volunteer-led afterschool coding sessions for primary age children.

CodeClub South Dunedin will run on Wednesdays from 6pm-7pm, starting on the 23rd of September. No previous experience with coding is necessary. We hope to see you there!

Parents and caregivers are welcome to come along to help/watch if they wish.

To register, please email Alex Gregory. For more information, visit CodeClub Aotearoa.

We meet on Thursdays from 3.30pm at the Gasworks. No need to bring anything — just turn up!

CodeClub is a community asset.

CodeClub is a New Zealand wide initiative dedicated to teaching kids the fundamentals of coding. In 2015 CodeClub landed in Dunedin with the help of Sarah and Steve Gallagher who started the North East Valley club. We wanted to be able to offer the same to kids in the South Dunedin, one of the most deprived regions in the South Island, where there is reduced internet take up. There are also poor educational outcomes, low income, housing problems as well as high unemployment. We wanted to be able to offer facilities for free, with no limitations, which meant we had build everything, from the tables to the computers themselves.

We sourced iMacs from the University of Otago E-waste division, loaded them with freeware, installed Gigabit Wifi to offer visitors free, unlimited surfing, studying and research ability within the venue.

We put the question ‘how do we serve our community’ at the heart of The Gasworks. South Dunedin was largely bypassed by the GigatownDunedin plans. We at The Gasworks like fast internet, and we wanted to give it to people for free. The marketing campaign was still fresh in peoples minds, and before ideas were lost we wanted to implement a few where we could. We contacted a local network ninja and asked if he would help, and he did: Stu hooked us up with super fast wifi on site. Along with our CodeClub we are starting other exciting projects this spring.

Got questions?

Contact Alex Gregory.