The Gasworks
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What's on?

We bring science and art to life in South Dunedin, offering a range of fun activities and challenges in a historic setting with both modern and ancient tools.

To book for any of these great activities, head over to our our chalkle site.

Gasworks CodeClub

We're bringing coding to the South city, and are dedicated to creating fun, real learning opportunities — free from barriers — for everyone on site. We'll soon have the fastest wifi, a range of classes and age groups, as well as special follow-on workshops, including advanced coding and robotics.

For more information, go to the CodeClub page.

Learning Zone

We add the A to STEM by embedding creativity in all aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We love to create, innovate and motivate through the Arts to communicate interesting concepts, big ideas and little nuggets to the young and the young at heart.

Our latest project is the Dunedin Minecraft Club where you can start social minecraft projects, learn and collaborate in a fun environment. Gold coin donation. Register for this event here.

We also need volunteers to help supervise classes and be available to assist with answering questions. If you think you might be able to offer an hour or two on one or more weeks, please let us know by filling out this quick questionnaire.

Gigabit Wifi

We have kick-ass-fast wifi on site. You'll enjoy some of the fastest internet in the southern hemisphere, whether you bring your own device or use one of ours. And it's free. That's right, just turn up and tune in to check your feeds, or settle in to catch up on study. It's up to you.

Our Amazing Team

These friendly volunteers are always keen to talk about The Gasworks.

Alex Gregory

Code Club

Ann Cronin

Learning Zone

Stu Fleming

Connectivity Ninja

We are like you.

We welcome people from many different backgrounds and skillsets to join in, skill up, gain experience or share their experience — everyone comes with knowledge to share and be shared. On site you might end up learning 3500 year old metalworking techniques, or how to build simple circuits, steampunk contraptions, or perhaps even build a battle robot. The Gasworks has something for everyone.

We ask that volunteers commit to spending just 2 hours of their month on The Gasworks, and see what a little of their help can mean to an entire city.

Contact Ann if this fits your description.